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Winter vacation.

I want to tell you how I spent few days of my winter vacation.
The twenty-ninth of December, I went to Svetodar. Svetodar is a new ecological village which we create on their funds and theirs hands. I went there alone, as my wife still worked in her clinic, and my son Bogdan had various plans 30 of December with his friends in Moscow. My son Bogdan is thirteen years old, he is studying in seventh grade at Moscow school. He wanted together friends and classmates to walk in center of the holiday of Moscow and to go to the movies. The next day he would go celebrate the New Year in Svetodar.
When I arrived at our settlement, I planned to do different things for the holiday witch I wanted to do for children. I spent the whole month before, doing a special ice hill and it was necessary to finish. Besides that I had to make another table, as one table is not enough for the many guests. The weather in Svetodar was good, temperature was about zero, but the snow did not melt. In Moscow at is time were mud and slush. But in Svetodar were beautiful while and fluffy winter. I many worked on an ice hill, clean snow, did table and also went to the forest for firewood for the stove.
Thirty-first of December, the mother of my son Bogdan Natasha brought Bogdan and Ratmir to me in Svetodar. Ratmir is younger brother of Bogdan, hi is nine. Coming out of the car, they are immediately ran to the ice hill. More than a month they did not see their ice track, as studied in Moscow. During this time piled up a lot of snow and the ice track became even better. It is very like them, they had a lot of delights. They started to skate. Then came other children and guests, rode on the ice hill all people, the adults too. There was a lot of joy and happiness.
In my new structure, were will be my studio, we are laid the table and put the samovar. In the table were many different cakes, pies and sweets. A was friendly and fun atmosphere. The weather let us down and the holiday was shortened, but we are has a good time.

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